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Shorn Arwa: Could she be the “Dogs” in Nairofey’s Life

No one doubts that there is power in the name of Jesus, however, the power in “pillow talk” could soon be the ultimate power to fear. Earlier today a video of Shorn Arwa during an interview with Mungai Eve surfaced. In the video, Shorn Arwa was respectfully vocal about her opinion regarding Nairofey’s reunion with her husband, Yeforian.

Esther Muthoni and Duncan Macharia. Alias, Nairofey and Yeforian. Nairofey has since broken up with her bestie Shorn Arwa upon her reunion with Yeforian.
Esther Muthoni and Duncan Macharia. Alias, Nairofey and Yeforian. Nairofey has since broken up with her bestie Shorn Arwa upon her reunion with Yeforian. Photo| Courtesy

As expected, the couple in question clapped back and their response, however disappointing, did not disappoint. A few hours after Shorn Arwa’s interview clip went viral, Yeforian posted a photo. The caption, “What a Beautiful Thursday… na nimelishwa na bibi btw? Let the dogs keep barking, the caravan goes on!”

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Under these cryptic words is Nairofey’s comment saying, “Caption has it.” Well, Shorn Arwa can’t say that Kenyans did not warn her. Kenyan netizens have a very wise saying that goes, “Usiingilie maneno ya watu wamejifunika blanketi moja.” This loosely translates to, “Do not come in between matters concerning people who’ve slept under the same blanket.”

Despite the shade being thrown by these two, one cannot really confirm if Shorn Arwa is the “dogs” that are trying to stop this caravan. Nonetheless, in Shorn Arwa’s point of view, she was being that friend who speaks her truth publicly instead of going behind one’s back. Arwa clearly stated that she is not Yeforian’s biggest supporter since he hurt her friend Nairofey.

According to Shorn Arwa, she believes that Yeforian is back in Nairofey’s life to finish her. Given this, she probably could be the carnivore that is trying to combat Yeforian’s caravan. Whatever Yeforian’s mission in Nairofey’s life is, he clearly believes that he cannot be stopped this time round. Nevertheless, Shorn made it clear that she is not a bad friend for allowing Nairofey take back her husband. Instead, she thinks that Nairofey is an adult, she respects her decision but that doesn’t warrant her to like Yeforian.

Nairofey’s and Yeforian’s separation was one of a kind and one that would have made a blockbuster movie. After their separation, netizens were shocked to learn that Nairofey was side-blinded by her husband Yeforian into signing a prenup. According to the prenup, Nairofey was to give up half her source of income to Yeforian upon their separation. Nairofey went further to confess that she was a project to her husband and that she often gifted herself just to protect her husband’s image.

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There are too many bones to be chewed in this couple’s love story and too many a dogs can’t help but resist. When asked whether Shorn Arwa is the dog, Yeforian had this to say, “I’ve no idea what or whom you saw barking.”


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