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The Tragic Downfall Of Social Media Influencer Xtian Dela

Arthur Mandela Nyogesa also known as Xtian Dela has gone MIA making headlines for all the wrong reasons in the past few years. He was the only Kenyan content creator so far who managed to have over 20,000 people tuned to his Instagram live stream.


Xtian is the short form of Christian and Dela short form of his name Mandela. At first, Xtian Dela was a gospel singer but many do not know him for that. Most know him for his explicit Instagram live show, Club Covid.

His show was the beginning of his downfall having had three parents sue him demanding he shuts down the twerk fest that is club covid. He was then summoned to the DCI over his explicit content. That affected his brand with people accusing him of objectifying and exploiting women.

Xtian Dela and girlfriend Fatma

Xtian Dela was then one of the celebrities who endorsed Earn Smart and Bold Cashers, pyramid schemes that did not last long which led to his followers to accuse him of being a con.

Later, Edgar Obare exposed that Xtian Dela’s club in Santorini was collapsing and on the verge of bankruptcy. Xtian reacted by claiming he was no longer associated with the club and would not let a clout-chasing blogger drag his name. Edgar also exposed Xtian Dela for scamming youths with his company Crowd 254.

He then made headlines when it came to light that he was kicked out of his house with his pregnant girlfriend, Fatmah Banj, a video vixen who has starred in music videos such as Dundaing. Later that same year, he tried vying for the Westlands political seat but gave up after accepting he did not have enough cash flow to campaign.

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Xtian Dela and his mum
Xtian Dela and his mother

The following year his Instagram account with over one million followers got blocked due to his Toboa Siri which involved explicit revelations by young people on their sexual experiences.

It died with my other Instagram account that you ungrateful people reported for doing hurtful personal stories.

Xtian Dela

This year, his mother Reverend Naomi Nyongesa came out to the media to share she has not been in contact with her son since 2019 and would like to have him back.

Xtain still uses his Twitter account and has a podcast on mental wellness.

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