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Shorn Arwa Claims Nairofey’s Ex-Husband Will Finish Her

While most couples are breaking up and filing for divorce both in Kenya and Hollywood. Nairofey is getting back together with her ex-husband and her best friend Shorn Arwa has a lot to say about them getting back together.


During an interview, Shorn Arwa clarified that she was still on talking terms with Nairofey. She went on to explain the reason why they both do not follow each other on Instagram. She expressed that they both decided to grow their content separately.

Shorn Arwa

The UK-based Kenyan content creator bashed all rumors that Nairofey and her fell apart after she relocated to the United Kingdom. She added that due to the fact that her friendship was online, it opened their relationship to criticism.

“I’m not in this new one because we decided to grow separately. But tunajuana in real life. I don’t have any grudge against Nairofey and she does not have any with me. We do not have to always be together online. And plus I’m in the UK and she is in Kenya.”

Shorn Arwa, shared that she has been told severally that she did a video advising Nairofey not to get back together with her ex-husband but she has since forgotten. She then clarified that she was not friends with Nairofey’s husband because he hurt her.


“I hear a lot of people saying that I say that. I hope this comes out in a respectful way. Nairofey is my friend and her husband is not my friend. Until today I still believe that he is back to finally finish her. I hear people saying I am a bad friend for letting her go back to the ex.”

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The content creator clarified that she was not a relationship counselor and that she could be wrong about her approach towards Nairofey’s husband. Shorn Arwa said that as her friend she owed it to Nairofey to be honest about her stand.

Shorn Arwa claimed that she did not have a personal relationship with Nairofey’s husband and her only encounter with him was online like everybody else. Shorn Arwa went on to dismiss that Nairofey getting back together with her husband caused a drift in their friendships.

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