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Rita Waeni: Family Identifies Severed Head of Slain University Student

Rita Waeni

The family of Rita Waeni Muendo, a fourth-year student at Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture Technology, has positively identified a severed head recovered from Kiambaa Dam, Kiambu County, as hers. 

The identification was made through features such as the forehead, hair, and teeth after the head was discovered on Sunday., January 21.

This development allowed pathologists, led by chief government pathologist Johansen Oduor, to conduct an autopsy as part of efforts to determine the circumstances of her death on January 13 in a Roysambu apartment in Nairobi.

According to Nation, the autopsy carried out at City Mortuary, followed a previous examination of other dismembered body parts. The family had earlier identified a blouse wrapped around the head when it was discovered at the dam.

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Detectives suspect the killing is linked to an ongoing occultism trend in the country, prompting an investigation team to explore the possibility of similar incidents.

Waeni’s dismembered body was found in a dustbin at an apartment on TRM Drive, Kasarani, with her head missing.

Two Nigerians were arrested in connection with the murder, and a subsequent search of their residence uncovered weapons, identification documents, and electronic devices. The court granted the police eight days to investigate their possible involvement in the crime.

A postmortem revealed that Waeni’s body had missing fingernails, suggesting an attempt to hide DNA evidence. The motive behind the murder remains unclear, leaving detectives puzzled.

The killer had reportedly demanded a ransom of Ksh 500,000 from the family, sending a picture of Rita as he prepared to use a hacksaw in the crime. The family reported the matter to the police, but unfortunately, the demands persisted even after her murder.

The dismembered body of Waeni was found at an apartment on TRM Drive, Kasarani but her head was missing. The head was later found wrapped in a purple female blouse and then put in a green carrier bag with a stone in it.

Waeni’s family described her as an intelligent and kind individual, emphasizing her youth and promising academic journey. As investigations continue, the shocking and gruesome nature of the crime has left both authorities and the public in disbelief.

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