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Things Kenyan Celebrities Could Learn from Kate and Phil’s Divorce

Divorces are ugly affairs in nature and one would wonder why most Kenyan celebrity couples love smearing mud on what is already rolling in the dirt. Nonetheless, thanks to Kate Actress and Director Phil, netizens have concrete evidence that Kenyan celebrities can approach separation with maturity and dignity.


Over the years, a majority of celebrities in Kenya who have separated with their partners took that period as an excuse to air each others dirty laundry. A tradition that is as disgusting as it is boring and inappropriate. What is even more surprising is that not only have most of these celebrities been in more than one “marriage” but also have children.

Kate Actress and Director Phil, former Kenyan celebrity couple.
Kate Actress and Director Phil, former Kenyan celebrity couple. Photo| Courtesy

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It is also shocking that, nowadays Kenyan socialites are having more amicable separations than most respected public figures in society. As a result, this trend of ugly and dramatic separations from Kenyan public figures has painted a very bad picture of the Kenyan dating scene.

Kate Actress and Director Phil have shown quite a good example of what a public separation should look like. Just because something has been made public does not mean that it has to be made ugly, to pass across the message. Separations may not be good, but they don’t also have to be ugly. Additionally, the cause of the separation does not also have to carry the weight of the situation and make it worse.

Kenyan celebrity couples should learn that as public figures and people of influence, they have a duty to society. Their duty is not to only to look good in pictures but to also be good examples to society. Kate and Phil’s separation should teach Kenyans that it is okay to have a private life despite being a public figure.

Kate and Phil tied the knot in November 2017 at Windsor Golf Hotel and Country Club. Their union was blessed with a daughter as well as Kate’s son from a previous relationship. Photo| Courtesy

Moreover, divorces are not an easy path to walk down. Why would one make so much noise and attract so much negative attention towards themselves during their most challenging time? It makes no sense at all, as to why most Kenyan celebrities put themselves through such kind of pressure and end up blaming the world for not understanding and supporting them.

Kate and Phil’s separation should also teach us that despite the circumstances, children are still the most vulnerable people in society and should be protected. Dragging one’s partner’s name through the sewers just because they messed up in the relationship paints a bad picture of that parent in a child’s mind. So much for raising a positive society!

Even in their toughest and lowest, Kate and Phil should be applauded for doing what is right. They should be acknowledged for being good examples in society and not using their challenges as excuse for “bad behavior.” One last thing Kenyan celebrity couples should learn from Kate and Phil’s separation is that the online world does not really care.

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So, the faster one puts their message across, the faster it is absorbed and the faster it is forgotten. Which should be a good thing, because there’s nothing as hard as being single and bashed by half the nation at the same time. All because one could not just be mature enough to say that they’re no longer in a relationship with their better halves, in a respectable manner.


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