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Kenyan ‘Super Nanny’ Rosie: Heartwarming Reunion with Lebanese Family Brings Tears of Joy

Kenyan Nanny Rosie Reunites with Family Lebanon - Kenya

Kenyan nanny Rosie has finally made a triumphant return to Lebanon, reuniting with her beloved employer Maria Cataleya and her family.


Weeks after bidding farewell to the Cataleya family to return to Kenya, Rosie’s comeback was highly anticipated.

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The heartwarming footage reveals the sheer joy and excitement of the kids, who refused to let go of Rosie, wrapping their arms around her in tight hugs.

In the touching video, Rosie is seen showering kisses on the children, who had missed her dearly. The kids’ emotional reactions speak volumes about the impact Rosie has had on their lives, making her more than just a nanny but an integral part of the family.


Mama rosie is finally here🥹 full video on with subtitles english😍❤️#viral #kenya #africa #love #mariacataleya

♬ original sound – Maria.cataleya

She claimed she couldn’t survive without her, and Rosie’s employer couldn’t stop gushing about how much they missed her.

“I could not live without you, it was the worst time of my life,” her boss affectionately confesses in the touching video, as her kids refuse to let go of Rosie.

This bond between Rosie and this special Lebanese family shows that deep ties can develop between caregivers and the families they serve, something our societies can learn from, on the value of primary caregivers raising our most treasured assets.

“Treat your nanny well she will treat your babies as her own,” Maria’s post advised.

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In a follow-up video, Maria’s supervisor shares a glimpse of the kids peacefully sleeping, hinting at a positive change in her life now that Rosie has returned.

“Now I can travel in peace after Rosie comes back. Istanbul, here I come,” it’s evident that Rosie’s presence brings not just joy to the family but also a sense of peace and stability,” read the caption in the video.

The reunion, complete with Maria’s husband witnessing the heartfelt moment, is nothing short of a celebration of love and family bonds.


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