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Movies that are a Must-Watch this Valentine’s


If you and your partner want to do a traditional, convenient Netflix and chill on Valentine’s Day, you must have a top-tier list of movies you need to watch.


Going out for candle-lit dinners at fancy restaurants on Valentine’s Day is probably a good idea. You know, out of the contemporary. However, with these hard economic times, that thought sounds more like convenient fiction. Not to worry though because you can still make your valentine’s day worth the while at home. All you need is a good amount of food, music, and a well-drafted list of binge-worthy movies.

Here are what should be your top picks for you to watch on valentine’s day:

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  • Perfect match

If you are into reality shows, then this should tickle your fancy. This Netflix movie is about couples who prove their compatibility and gain the power to make or break other matches in this strategic and seductive dating competition. And lucky for you, this movie premieres on valentine’s day.

  • In love all over again

Also premiering on February 14, this Netflix movie is about Irene and Julio, a couple who have been together, falling in love with each other, splitting up, and then trying again. They are on a journey to find a happy ending.

Maybe you and your partner will fall in love all over again after watching this

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  • Your place or mine

This film is about best friends, Debbie and Peter, who are total opposites. Once they decide to swap homes for a week, they get a sneak peek into each other’s lives that could potentially open the door to love. This movie premieres on February 10 and the cheesy part is, you and your love could also watch it at his place or yours. Ha!

Photo/Courtesy: Watch your place or mine at either his place or yours
  • Titanic

Before you bash the idea, just know that you can never go wrong with a little old-school. The film happens to be a tragic love story between two lovers set on an ill-fated cruise ship. It is bound to make you shed some tears and even though sounds twisted in a way, the film is perfect for valentine’s love bubble.

Photo/Courtesy: There is nothing wrong with a little love plot twist on Valentine’s

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  • Dirty dancing

Prepare to be whisked into the waves of love this valentine’s day by Johnny and baby, two lovers from opposite sides of the track who fall head over heels for each other at summer camp.

Photo/Courtesy: Get down and dirty with an all-time classic, ‘Dirty Dancing

If this compilation doesn’t get you this valentine’s day, I’m not sure what will. For the singletons, fear not. You can still enjoy a little movie time by yourself


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