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Bien Admits to Having Played The Field in the Presence of His Wife

Bien Aime Alusa Baraza, better known by his stage name Bien, recently admitted to playing the field with women after his shows.


While being interviewed by Obinna, he was asked about the pros and cons of having his wife as his manager. Bien responded that there are no disadvantages. Obinna lightheartedly joked about having attractive women at his shows and his wife being a hindrance, to which Bien replied:

“Nishapita hapo kwa fine shawwries in the building, nikapiga wote…si vita”

Bien and his wife Chiki. Credit: Mpasho

“Tulishafanya hizo vitu Obinna. Za kukatia madem after show….Tushafanya hizo vitu,” he added.

Thankfully, Obinna’s sense of alarm quickly went off and he swooped in to rescue the moment. He reminded Bien that his wife was seated beside him and that the show was live, prompting Alusa to behave accordingly.

A laugh can be heard in the background of the show recording. He added that he needed management he could trust.  

When Obinna asked if his wife knows what he used to do he said “hakuna mtu hakuwa kwa kiwanja.”

Bien also declined to reveal which member of Sauti Sol wanted the group to separate, despite Oga Obinna’s efforts to get him to spill the beans by complimenting him as the most valuable asset in the band. Bien remained prudent, stating that some things are for the “deep state”.

Sauti Sol. Credit: YouTube Music

Bien mentioned that a life coach was involved in their decision to separate.

Bien revealed that he is now signed to Warner, an American record label.

After the separation of the boy band Sauti Sol, Bien released his first solo album entitled “Alusa, Why Are You Topless?” which features tracks like “Lost and Found.”

Even though most of us remain sceptical on whether Sauti Sol will ever reunite, Alusa hinted that such a time would come, and he eagerly anticipates it. He also mentioned that record labels are ready to sign deals with them should they decide to reunite.

We can’t wait to see the fire tracks Alusa will release under Warner Records!

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