Who Said Love is Only for Valentine’s Day?

Valentine's day

With valentine’s day being just a few days away, couples are experiencing the heat of showing up at each other’s doorstep with gift baskets and poetry cards.

Every valentine’s day, the world screams ‘colour me red’ because people are trying to show their undying love for their partners. Your boyfriend James is trying to be a big teddy bear by buying you flowers, (mostly plastic, but hey! It’s the thought that counts), chocolate, maybe taking you out to a fancy restaurant or if the weather forbids it, a little Netflix and chill at home in each other’s arms.

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So much love in the air. Don’t get me wrong; a day dedicated to love, now that’s something to look forward to. What remains concerning though is, why love gets tied down to one specific day. Especially if the pressure to get all the right things is over the roof. Valentine’s day has become somewhat of a ticking time bomb on your hands; one wrong move could have the entire thing exploding in your face.

Valentine's day
If you can help it, do all the nice romantic gestures for your loved ones every day

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Here are some two cents; valentine’s day is not the only day of love. Appreciating each other in the relationship should be a daily staple, not restricted by the calendar’s dates. All those cute and lovey-dovey activities set out for Valentine’s should be normalized. Take each out every day if you must. Call each other sweet nothings, heck, simp away Mr.

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You should not let valentine’s day make you a darling only for you to go back to default settings the next day. Quite frankly, it will look as if you put up all the dazzling displays for mere courtesy. If you can take one day to make things extra special, you could always burn the midnight oil for a few surprises here and there on normal days of the week.

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