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After Sex, Your Spirits are Bonded: How to Break Soul-Ties

Soul Ties Relationships and how to overcome your ex

“Let me tell you why you should be very careful about sex because anytime you have sex with anyone, you automatically get married to that person. You get married to someone when you have sex with someone. Do you know the difference between marriage and a wedding?” Motivational speaker Sam West asked his youthful audience in a recent inspirational video on Soul Ties.


Engaging in a sexual relationship creates a binding connection between souls. A wedding is merely a public declaration of an ongoing intimate relationship. In essence, you broadcast to the world that you and your partner are now unified in a deeper sense.

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“A wedding is just a public announcement where you say, moving forward, me and him will be having sex. Umumeambia kila mtu. Dunia mzima inajua. (You have told everyone and the whole world knows). But when you have sex with anyone just know you’re married to that person,” Sam explained.

By getting married, you’re essentially making a public declaration that from now on, we will be intimate. It’s a way of informing everyone and making it known to the whole world. When you enter into an intimate relationship with someone, you’re essentially committing to that person

“That person you’ve been having sex with is your husband or wife,” he continued. “So when you have sex, just know there’s something called soul ties where it unites you guys spiritually. It may not be seen in public but in the spirit. God knows what’s in your soul and knows you are together,” Sam told his youthful audience.

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The idea of soul ties suggests that sex forms a deep spiritual bond with your partner.

“A soul tie is a powerful bond that merges two souls through an intimate connection, extending far beyond the physical. This bond is often misunderstood as solely sexual, but it can also be formed through familial relationships or deep, personal commitments,

“Nonetheless, the most potent and enduring soul ties arise from sexual intimacy, which creates a profound spiritual and emotional linkage,” Mariage therapist and motivational speaker, Mbugua Mumbi, observed during a past interview on Switch.

This concept often brings its fair share of emotional and spiritual challenges when trying to move on from an ex.

“Young viewers must understand that casual sexual encounters, though seemingly harmless, can create complex spiritual connections with lasting consequences. The prevalence of such relationships in today’s society often leads to emotional turmoil and confusion.”

Understanding and addressing these soul ties is essential for emotional well-being and future relationships.

“Choices have consequences. You can see the turmoil and misery that families and young people are going through as a result of breaching this truth. If you have sex with 20 partners in one year, you’ll be confused and depressed,” Mugua asserted.

We need to understand the gravity of this union, as every sexual encounter forges a profound spiritual bond akin to marriage — it is till death do us part.

“I see all these people who’ve become famous because of selling their bodies or living large. They’re flying off on international holidays. They don’t look like they’re suffering any consequences. But at some point, every action does have a consequence, whether it’s public or private, there’s going to be something that someone will have to deal with.”

While soul ties can be beneficial, such as in a marriage where they foster unity, they can also be detrimental if they bind individuals in harmful ways. For instance, an extramarital affair can disrupt a marriage, creating a negative soul tie that complicates personal relationships.

How to Break Soul Ties: 

Physical Separation:

  • Remove Physical Reminders: Get rid of items like gifts, photos, or any objects that remind you of your ex.
  • Limit Contact: Reduce or eliminate communication with your ex to avoid reopening emotional wounds.

Emotional Healing:

  • Forgiveness: Forgive your ex and yourself for past mistakes. Holding onto anger or resentment only strengthens the tie.
  • Seek Support: Talk to trusted friends, family, or a therapist to process your emotions.

Spiritual Practices:

  • Prayer and Meditation: Engage in prayer or meditation to seek spiritual healing and guidance.
  • Spiritual Cleansing: Some cultures have specific rituals to break spiritual connections. Consulting with a spiritual leader or advisor might be beneficial.
  • Renounce Vows: If you made vows or promises to your ex, verbally renounce them to break their spiritual hold.

Building a New Life:

  • Focus on Personal Growth: Invest time in hobbies, education, or career goals to build a fulfilling life.
  • Healthy Relationships: Surround yourself with positive, supportive people and build new, healthy relationships.

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