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Dating Your Coworker May Not be Such a Good Idea


Office romance seems so good, especially in movies, but sometimes, dating a coworker could lead to a disaster that may cost you your job.


Love at first sight. It is something a lot of people want to experience. While the concept in its entirety is debatable, this kind of fairytale-like experience may happen in the office. You get into work, spot a fine-looking female coworker at the farthest desk and decide that she will someday be the mother of your kids.

It sounds so good on paper. However, as much as the universe prepares us to meet our better halves in the most unconventional of ways, sometimes dating a colleague is not the best decision to make.

Here are some reasons why:

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  • It looks rather unprofessional

You should know that this is why some organizations ban colleagues from dating. It does not look good to have your workers shipped as the office lovebirds. It’s nothing personal though.

The constant touching and hugging of each other in the workplace makes you look unprofessional
  • Office romance is a pot-brewing drama

Just wait until James gets into work all prissy just because his wife from HR did not cook him breakfast. Even better, is if she sees you laughing with Jenny the secretary and she starts to patronize you for flirting with anything in a skirt. The drama and tension that ensues is one that you could cut with a knife. The worst part is that the rest of your colleagues have to suck it up and deal with it.

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It is when you get home that you have to answer questions about why you were smiling with the guy from IT
  • It could be somewhat distracting

Now you probably think that staying clear of your significant other is all you need to be 100% productive. Do not kid yourself darling. Chances are, it will be harder to stay away from your partner when they are so close you could touch them. The icing on the cake is if the loves ship sinks, imagine you have to sit through office days bumping into your ex. Yeah, it is a distraction.

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  • It will probably never last

Not playing the ‘kamati ya Roho chafu’ here but it is what it is. With all the cons staring right back at your relationship, you are lucky if you end up with each other long-term.


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