There is more to relationships than just sex!


If you are one to get into relationships because the bedroom tango is out of this world, be sure it will not last that long!

You don’t have to feast on each other all the time when you can feast on a meal you made together.

You would think that having sex all day every day like rabbits will get your relationship to be healthy and enjoyable, right?

Well, checkmate, you are absolutely wrong. Sometimes intimacy in relationships can be achieved in other ways. Some activities that couples can engage in besides sex include:

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  • Going out on dates

Truth be told, sometimes, staying at home with your love buddy can be excruciatingly boring. Sometimes the best medicine for boredom is going out together.

Go try out new restaurants, bungee jumping, or something as cliché as a movie date. Something like Netflix and chill maybe, but for real this time.

  • Play games together

Not the bedroom games, silly! Rather, play actual fun games. It is even better if they are competitive. Playing board games with your partner gets you excited in ways that sex never could.

Not only that, it helps you to find out more interesting facts about your partner, kind of like an adventure.

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  • Have meaningful conversations

You could probably say that you do, but this time let us take the conversations outside the sheets. Instead, sit down with your partner and talk about life, your goals, dreams, and your fears. Heck!

It doesn’t even have to be that serious of a conversation. You could talk about fantasies. Some things, you would never know if you don’t ask.

  • Take up dancing

People end up surprised that their partners can actually dance. It is your fault because you never bothered to explore.

Go clubbing and get down on the dance floor. Bust some moves with your partner even if you have two left feet. At the end of the day, you will both go home content and smiling like idiots, thinking why you had never done that, to begin with. So much better than sex.

Create time to dance to favorite songs with our partner, instead of the usual sex routine
  • Cooking together

If you are the kind that waits for your partner to whip you a meal- you should feel bad. A very productive way to spend time together is cooking together.

Make it more interesting by suggesting cook-offs. You don’t always have to feast on each other to have a good time when you can always feast on a meal you made together.

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Sex in a relationship is good but a day without it won’t kill you. So, figure out other ways to spice up your relationship instead of counting on your fits between the sheets to keep you guys going.


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