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Instances where People have Killed for Love

love kill

When people say that they love their significant others so much they would die for them, some people took it a tad bit far by killing their lovers.


Those movies where actors tell each other they will kill for them is always exciting. However, many people misunderstand the concept and end up killing their partners in the vilest of ways. Here are instances where people have killed their partners, all in the name of love:

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  • Kirinyaga love triangle

Two sisters in Kirinyaga went head-to-head over a man, causing Loise, one of the two, to hit the unsuspecting man on the head with a beer bottle while at a local bar. He succumbed to severe neck injuries caused by the impact of the hit. Guess it was a serious case of, “if I can’t have him, no one can”

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  • Maseno university tragedy

Christmas of 2014 saw Zachariah Ndwiga, a Maseno university graduate and garage owner meet his death after his girlfriend Teresia Mburu and her friend conspired to end his life out of anger after she, (Teresia) realized he was cheating on her.

When love becomes too dangerous a feeling, it costs you your life
  • Kabianga tragedy

21-year-old Edith Masengele lost her life after her boyfriend stabbed her to death in her hostel room. According to friends, the second-year boyfriend stomped into Edith’s room in fury accusing her of cheating.

  • Jealous wife butchers her husband

Georgina Challen, a 57-year-old mother of two sent her husband Richard to an early grave over claims of infidelity. She committed the heinous crime in the kitchen of their former marital home with a hammer. That’s right, former. The couple had separated but they were trying to save what was left of their marriage. Well, it must have been too late for her to decide to send the hubby packing never to return.

Who could have imagined a hammer was going to be the downfall of Richard?

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  • Husband chokes wife to death

Speaking of psychopathy, meet 27-year-old “Patrick S,” husband to 27-year-old “Jennifer S” who killed her with his bare hands, hid her body in the bushes, and then instigated a false search for her to appear innocent. ‘Patrick’, had allegedly been showing violent behavior towards his wife, especially with his jealousy and violent behavior.

Maybe money is not the root of all evil. Perhaps love is.


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