Samidoh Warns Fans that He Will Impregnate Mzungu Woman

Kenyan Mugithi sensation Samidoh Muchoki found himself at the centre of attention when a Mzungu woman joined him on stage, sending waves of excitement through the crowd and sparking talks online.


Dressed in a black top and jeans hotpants, the unidentified lady caught Samidoh off guard, causing a momentary pause in the now-viral video clip capturing the incident.

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The crowd erupted in cheers as the two danced together, sharing a moment of unexpected synergy.

“Nine months from now, mother of Wairimu,” the Mumbi hitmaker playfully warned, his words echoing through the venue as she waved to the audience.

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The playful banter added a touch of humour to the impromptu on-stage collaboration, leaving fans both surprised and delighted.

This incident marked a stark contrast to Samidoh’s previous Dubai performance, where he found himself entangled in a public dispute involving politician Karen Nyamu, his second baby mama, and his first wife, Edday Nderitu.

Recalling the prior altercation, when Karen attempted to join Samidoh on stage, Edday intervened, leading to a tussle involving security personnel.

The senator, who was nominated, later attributed the incident to alcohol and publicly declared that she was moving on from her relationship with Samidoh.

“I was over it. We’re not getting back together. It’s time for a fresh start,” Karen had declared at the time, seemingly closing the chapter on their romantic involvement.

A few months later, against all expectations, the two found themselves drawn back together, rekindling their relationship.

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He later made a choice, officially dissolving his marriage to Edday. Reports suggest that Edday, undeterred by the turn of events, has decided to start afresh in the USA with her three children, signalling a new chapter in her life.


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