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Fuel Prices Review, Kenyans Awaits for EPRA’s Decision

Daniel Kiptoo. PHOTO/EPRA

Kenyans find themselves in a state of anticipation today, eagerly awaiting the crucial decision of the Energy and Petroleum Regulatory Authority (EPRA) regarding fuel prices.


This monthly ritual holds immense significance for the nation’s cost of living.

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In the recent October 14 review, EPRA dropped a bombshell, announcing increases in fuel prices. Petrol surged by Ksh 5.72, diesel climbed by Ksh 4.48, and kerosene experienced a hike of Ksh 2.45. Consequently, petrol hit Ksh 217.36 per litre, diesel reached Ksh 205.47, and kerosene settled at Ksh 204.46 per litre in Nairobi.

The surge was pinned on a rise in the average landing cost of imported fuel, with super petrol increasing by 3.93%, diesel by 7.07%, and kerosene by 5.01%. The escalating fuel prices have triggered widespread concern, fueling discussions and speculations leading up to the much-anticipated November 14 review.

Molo MP Kuria Kimani, chairperson of the National Assembly Finance and Planning Committee, remains cautiously optimistic about the outcome.

In an exclusive interview this morning, Kimani expressed his hope, saying, “EPRA is undoubtedly aware of the burden that high fuel prices place on Kenyans. I am hopeful that we will witness a different decision this time, one that eases the financial strain on our citizens.”

However, Energy CS Davis Chirchir has cast a shadow of doubt, citing concerns that fuel prices could skyrocket to Ksh 300 per litre due to the ongoing Israel-Palestine conflict.

Kimani dismissed these fears, saying, “While global events can influence fuel prices, I believe EPRA will consider the domestic impact and make a decision that balances the scales.”

Injecting a dose of intrigue into the unfolding narrative, Narok Senator Ledama Ole Kina took to social media, sharing captivating information about fuel pricing.

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In a tweet, he pointedly remarked, “Gulf Energy and Galana Oil Kenya source fuel from the same place but have different procurement methods. Something doesn’t add up. Who is fooling who?”

As the nation braces for EPRA’s decision, the fate of fuel prices hangs in the balance, leaving Kenyans on edge and eagerly anticipating the announcement that will shape the cost of living for the month ahead.


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