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Kuria Issues Warning to Lazy Civil Servants

President William Ruto on Wednesday night announced a major cabinet reshuffle, leading to the relocation of several key ministers. Among them is the former Trade and Industry Cabinet Secretary, Moses Kuria, who has been reassigned to the Ministry of Public Service and Performance Management.


Speaking publicly for the first time since his reassignment, CS Moses Kuria wasted no time in delivering a clear message to civil servants.

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He warned that complacency and laziness would no longer be tolerated within the government.

Outgoing Trade and Industry CS Moses Kuria speaking in Garissa. [Photo/STEPHEN ASTARIKO]
Outgoing Trade and Industry CS Moses Kuria speaking in Garissa. [Photo/STEPHEN ASTARIKO]

“Civil servants, you know me. You know that I don’t joke around. We want people who are dedicated to serving Kenyans,” declared Kuria.

He also highlighted a critical statistic within the civil service, noting that 32 percent of civil servants have just 3 to 5 years left until retirement.

He stressed that it was time for this group to make way for the younger generation, urging them to pave the path for the youth to contribute to the nation’s progress.

“I want to assure Kenyans that the same energy and vigor I used to execute my mandate in the Ministry of Trade will be channeled into my new role focusing on performance and delivery,” Kuria said.

Reflecting on his tenure as Trade and Industry CS, Kuria expressed pride in the accomplishments and projects initiated during his time in office.

He cited the positive strides in uplifting the export and manufacturing industries, with a third of Kenya’s counties already undergoing industrialization.

Kuria took the opportunity to call upon leaders across the country to prioritize job creation, recognizing that unemployment among the youth posed a looming crisis.

“The problem of joblessness, despair, and idleness among our youth must be addressed. We must do everything in our power to give our youth a chance to work, earn, and contribute to the economy,” he said.

In a bid to ensure that civil servants and contractors are working diligently, Kuria pledged to tour every corner of the country. He urged contractors to expedite their work, cautioning that the government would not hesitate to terminate contracts if deadlines were not met.

He also mentioned the readiness of the National Youth Service (NYS) to step in and assist with various projects.

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Meanwhile, following the cabinet reshuffle, CS Moses Kuria took to his social media platform, X, formerly Twitter, posting three emotional songs and a cryptic photo of Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua. The posts, though lacking captions, have sparked speculations about his intentions.

Kuria’s songs, including “Mwathani wakwa njakaniria tawa,” “Ihinda Riakinya,” and “Wi Ngai Mahinda mothe,” appear to reflect his sentiments during this transition period. Each song carries themes of hope, resilience, and trust in a higher power.


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