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Gachagua: No Government Entry for Raila

Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua has expressed confidence in the ongoing Bomas talks, marking a significant departure from his previous stance.


Speaking during an interview on this morning, Gachagua said, “I’m confident that all is well at the Bomas talks, and it is time to work for our people.”

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Gachagua, who had previously criticized the National Dialogue Committee and dismissed the talks as a waste of time, now appears to have a more optimistic view of the process.

He emphasized that the Kenya Kwanza team has faith in their leadership, particularly National Assembly Majority Leader Kimani Ichung’wah.

Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua.
Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua. [Photo/X/Rigathi Gachagua]

“Elections are over. It is time to work for our people. I am confident that all is well at the Bomas talks, and we have total confidence in our team,” said Gachagua.

His change in stance also included addressing the issue of power-sharing, which had been a contentious topic. Gachagua clarified that power-sharing had already been agreed upon with President William Ruto, and the Bomas talks were not about reshuffling power dynamics within the government.

He said, “The dialogue with Raila Odinga will take him nowhere. We are in agreement with President Ruto that we will not get him into the government.”

In response to these claims, Raila Odinga has consistently maintained that his objective is not to secure a government position but rather to facilitate reforms aimed at strengthening governance and the democratic space in Kenya.

The Bomas team recently completed the collection of public views on five key issues and is now set to draft its report, which will subsequently be presented to Parliament.

During these presentations, Raila’s Azimio movement made several recommendations but notably excluded the idea of entrenching the offices of Prime Cabinet Secretary and Leader of the Opposition in the constitution.

On the other hand, Kenya Kwanza has proposed that these two offices be legally enshrined to enhance governance and accountability within the country.

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The governance structure of Kenya has also been a topic of debate, with Raila Odinga stating that it is crucial for the Bomas team to recommend the appropriate system for the nation.

Raila Odinga had previously remarked that Gachagua’s conduct was not befitting of a Deputy President, accusing him of regional bias.


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