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WNBA: Regular Season Most Watched in 21 years

The Women’s National Basketball Association (WNBA) is experiencing a remarkable resurgence in viewership, with ratings soaring to their highest levels.


This season was the most watched in 21 years and had the highest attendance ratings.

Viewership surged by an impressive 21% compared to the previous year. Additionally, the league’s average attendance of 6,615 fans had reached its highest since the 2018 season.

These impressive figures come as the WNBA expanded its schedule to 40 games this season, leading to its highest total attendance in 13 years with a staggering 1,587,488 fans in attendance.

“This surge in interest not only showcases the immense talent and athleticism on the court but also highlights the compelling narratives that continue to emerge about the players and the league,” WNBA commissioner, Cathy Engelbert said.

The defending champion Las Vegas Aces achieved the highest most average attendance increase, boasting a league-high 9,551 fans per game.

This represents a staggering 66% increase compared to the previous season.


Las Vegas hosted the highest-attended game of the season, drawing an awe-inspiring crowd of 17,406 fans during a showdown against Brittney Griner’s Phoenix Mercury.

This record-breaking game took place on the final day of the regular season at the larger T-Mobile Arena as opposed to the Aces regular venue which has about 12000 seats.

“It helps when you win championships,” Aces president Nikki Fargas said.

“But also what you’re seeing is that the community respects the work that these women do every day. It’s fun, it’s entertaining, it’s safe, it’s inclusive,” he added.

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The WNBA’s success isn’t limited to traditional metrics; it extends into the digital realm.

The league achieved new highs across its digital platforms, with a surge in social media engagement and sports betting.

The number of bets and the amount wagered doubled from last year, underscoring the growing interest in the league among sports enthusiasts.

As the WNBA continues to thrive and captivate a larger fan base, it is set to make an impact in the world of basketball .

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These remarkable statistics are a testament to the league’s resilience and its unwavering commitment to reach the level of the men’s basketball.


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