Why Ethan Muziki and Kinoti Show Ended Early

The festival of Sound and Art that took place at Sarit Centre is one for the books after a show stopping performance from Ethan Muziki and Kinoti. The two up-coming Kenyan artists performed in front of a huge crowd.


The turnout at the Sound and Art festival was incredible. More so, the love and excitement the crowd had when Ethan Muziki and Kinoti took the stage. Videos of their performance filled the internet showcasing how electrifying their performance was.

The festival was not supposed to end as early as it did though. Ethan and Kinoti who performed last had to cut it short. Ethan shared that the main reason it had to end early was that the growing crowd posed a security risk.

“It was a great show but we were supposed to have a longer conversation with the managers of the venue who coted more reasons behind the event being cut short. But the main thing was the huge crowd which posed as a security check.”

Ethan Muziki shared that even though he has performed in front of huge crowds, this one was special because his whole performance was acoustic. He added that he appreciated the love that he had received from the show so much so that after his performance, he went to the studio.

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Kinoti and Ethan Muziki work separately with both being singers but Ethan also being Kinoti’s producer. The two talented artists went to work on something together after the show.

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“After the experience, we just went to the studio to work on another project together.”

Kinotinalso expressed his love and appreciation to his fans and those who turned out at the festival. He shared that it was an unforgettable event. In 2022, Spotify mentioned Kinoti as one of Kenya’s most promising artists.

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