Kahush Denies Involvement in Occult Society and Illuminati

UK based Kenyan rapper, Kahush is clarifying where he stands with his involvement with the occult. His father, the former Cabinet Secretary of Health, Mutahi Kagwe probably received word that his son was accused of being in the occult and gave him some African warning that probably went like this; ‘You will not embarrass me’.


During an interview, Kahush was asked what he meant when he posted to his Instagram that he sold his soul. He responded by saying that it was complex and that he would address it at a later date.

Screenshot of Kahush’s Instagram story. PHOTO/Courtesy.

During the interview, he was wearing a ring with an all-seeing eye. The ring is associated with the Illuminati but it is also associated with new-age spirituality. When Kahush was asked whether he was in Illuminati because of that ring, he responded by saying that he was not and defended why he really wears that ring.

Kahush shared that it was a regular ring that means ‘keep your eye open and eye on the prize’. He adds that it has not gotten him in trouble with his folks and that he puts it on his right hand on the middle finger because that is the hand he uses to shake his hand and symbolizes he is spiritually watching.

Kahush. PHOTO Credits.

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Kahush became famous back in 2020 when he released his song Mi Siwezi and has since released more hits and done major collaborations. Kahush shared that he gets inspiration from Kenyan rapper Boutross and that his personal favorites are Kenyan rappers like Octopizzo, Nyashinski, and Kigen as he discussed his new album.

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