Kahush Under Public Scrutiny after Claims of Selling His Soul

The son of former health cabinet secretary, Mutahi Kagwe is making headlines with his recent revelation. The UK based rapper Kahush asked his over 58 thousand followers to share insights about themselves tagged Something interesting about yourself and one of them said that they sold their soul.


Kahush responded by reposting the comment by letting the fan know he too sold his soul. The trap artist wrote, Me too gang. #bloody contracts (crying emoji) #worth it. A concerned follower of Kahush responded to Kahush’s revelation by asking if he was being serious and wrote, Did you sell your soul for real? To many people’s surprise Kahush replied with a Yes.


Kahush recently released a new album, Uptown Chokora that he has been promoting in different clubs. He says the album is a portrayal of how people have two different sides and try showing one and hiding the other.

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Kahush rose to fame back in the pandemic era with songs like Mi Siwezi , Maisha and Fika. Ever since the rapper has been releasing songs and growing a fan base. He was in Kenya when he started his music career before moving back to the UK after the pandemic had dimmed down.

Kahush’s revelation got humorous response from other netizens. Not everyone took him seriously as most Kenyan celebrities are known for saying outrageous things for some clout chasing.

Shakila : People are selling rosecoco and he is selling his soul. 😅😅

Terrence Creative: Wanaitaka na how much?

Garvin Mungai: Mliwacha kuuza kidney sasa mnauza soul.

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2mbili: Ni kama aliuza pia Sauti si Soul pekee.

Mulamwah: Wakujee Sol fest.

Faiza Samir: In 2023! You believe men??

It Kenani: The language of musicians. He sold his soul to music.

Musicians worldwide since time immemorial have been rumored to be part of occult groups. Theories have been developed like subliminal messages in their music, symbols they do with their hands and things they have mentioned that could hint at possible demonic allegiance. Whether or not it is true is yet to be known.

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