Granot: Israel’s Largest Avocado Grower Launches Operations in Kenya

Granot lands in Kenya

Granot International Company, a significant player in avocado production and packing, has initiated operations in Kenya. The company, known for its operation of Israel’s largest avocado packing house and its substantial contribution to the country’s avocado yield, has successfully launched its venture in Kenya.


With an annual revenue exceeding $1.5 billion (Ksh214.2 billion), Granot stands as one of the world’s major cooperatives, encompassing 20 entities primarily focused on agriculture and Kibbutzim communities.

The Israeli enterprise has commenced avocado cultivation in Kenya, aiming to establish a value chain for local consumption and exports. A 400-hectare farm in Ndabibi, Naivasha, Nakuru County, has been designated for this purpose.

Granot lands in Kenya

Presently, 55,000 avocado trees have been planted, with a target of 300,000 trees. This strategic farming endeavor in Ndabibi aims to ensure a consistent year-round avocado supply for Granot’s new marketing division.

This Kenyan project complements Granot’s existing avocado investments in Tanzania and Mozambique, covering a combined area of over 1,250 hectares. The Ndabibi farm is positioned to become the company’s production hub and a globally recognized agricultural center.

The farm’s production capacity will encompass high-value crops primarily intended for export, along with short-cycle crops for local consumption. During peak operations, around 2,000 individuals are expected to be employed, contributing to local employment and skill development.

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Granot has partnered with Agris, an investment holding company managing more than $100 million (Ksh14.28 billion) across sub-Saharan Africa. The recent launch event was led by Israeli Ambassador Michael Lotem, accompanied by Nakuru County officials.

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The initiative has generated substantial employment opportunities, both permanent and casual, fostering economic growth. Governor Susan Kihika of Nakuru County expressed enthusiasm for the avocado project, highlighting its potential to elevate the local economy.

The partnership with Granot aims to introduce technological advancements, certified seedlings, improved farming methods, packaging techniques, and effective marketing strategies.

While the project has received approval, some Kenyan individuals have expressed reservations, perceiving the venture as imbalanced and favoring Israel over Kenya. They have instead urged  the government to prioritize support for local avocado farmers.

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The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization recently ranked Kenya as the 15th largest global avocado exporter, with a production of 417,000 tons in 2022.


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