Kenya Emerges as Top Avocado Exporter to The World

Kenya becomes top avocado exporter

Kenya has made a remarkable entrance into the league of top avocado exporters worldwide, as per recent data released by the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO). The nation has secured a notable position among the top 15 leading avocado exporting countries.


While Mexico takes the lead with an impressive production of 2.4 million tons, Kenya follows as a significant contender in the market. Other prominent exporters include Colombia, Peru, Indonesia, and the Dominican Republic.

Kenya emerges top exporter
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Standing as Africa’s foremost avocado exporter, Kenya boasts a production of 417,000 tons, a figure only rivaled by Ethiopia, which produced 152,000 tons in the year 2022. Kenya is set to escalate its avocado production in the upcoming months, with a particular focus on the promising Indian market.

The nation’s ambitious plan aims to double its avocado output within the next five years, paralleled by a strategic increase in avocado farming land, projected to expand from the present 26,000 hectares to an impressive 50,000 hectares.

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In its capacity as a developing global supplier of avocados, the country has made substantial investments in avocado cultivation, resulting in a remarkable growth in harvested areas. These areas have nearly tripled since 2015, reaching 25,918 hectares in 2021, as officially reported to FAO in 2022.

A significant portion of Kenya’s avocado exports finds its way to markets within the European Union. The nation has managed to carve a competitive edge, thanks in part to its remarkably low average export unit values.

 Despite facing cost-related challenges that put upward pressure on prices, Kenya’s average unit values have remained steady around $1,200 throughout the first eight months of 2022. This figure is notably 14% lower than the average values seen in shipments from countries like Peru to the European Union.

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As Kenya continues to solidify its position on the global avocado stage, the nation’s dedication to avocado cultivation and strategic market expansion shines through. The future looks promising as Kenya’s avocado industry propels the nation into a new era of agricultural prowess and economic growth.


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