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Superstitious Beliefs Have A Chokehold on Gen Z

Tiktok has brought up many trends amongst gen Z. Influencing trends in fashion, lifestyle, politics and culture.


Most opinions shared on Tiktok do not come from a professional stand point and lack basis but if presented well can be very convincing. The rise of superstitions beyond the black cat has become more rampant with this generation.

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Late last year, most women did the superstitious trend of spending their last few seconds before the new year under a table in order for them to get to meet their dream man the following year. Another superstitious trend that is still happening this year is using of certain sounds that will make the user lucky in specifics area of their life or manifest quickly. Some Tiktok users go to the extent of sharing how much so the trending sound actually helped them.

gen z have made tbeevil eye a trend
Evil eye amulet. PHOTO/Courtesy.

The rise of more generation Z embracing spirituality has also played a huge role in more superstitious beliefs. The use of crystals, sage and the evil eye are being used for protection and to manifest. The Law of Attraction and the law of assumption have been interpreted and explained in many ways as more and more people encourage others to take part in it.

Our grandmothers and mothers’ superstitious beliefs like black cats and scratching the palm of your hands are also being held by some Gen Z. Whether or not they are true or false are based solely on whether a person believes or not. Being careful not to invite evil spirits to your home and life. The Charlie-Charlie trend that made waves a few years back was believed to be killing those who took part in the trend.

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