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Most Fashionable Airline Uniforms In The World

Working as an airline host or hostess is seen as an enviable job. Having to fly country to country, meeting new people and learning new culture. What also comes with the job is a uniform that represents the airline you work for. Pilots and airline workers get to look so good in their uniform as they walk around the airport. Out of the many airlines, here are airlines with the best uniform:



It would not be a list of airline uniform without Emirates. Notably one of the best uniform with little modification done over the years. The uniform was designed by UK based manufacturer, Simon Jersey.

Airline uniform Airlines
Emirates cabin crew

Air France.

From the capital of fashion, it is expected that their uniforms would be stylish as well. The current uniform were designed by French designer, Christian Lacroix.

Air France cabin crew

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Etihad Airways.

The design of their uniform is a combination of 1960 Paris couture and runway looks from New York and London. They were designed by Italian couture designer, Ettore Bilotta.

Airlines uniform
Etihad abin crew

Qantas Airways.

The uniform has a unique mix of colors. They were designed by Australian fashion designer, Martin Grant.

Qantas cabin crew

Airline uniforms represent the airlines and so the design has to be spectacular. What African airline should be in the list?

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