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Kenya Most Trending Celebrities

It is never a dull day in Kenya. Kenyan citizens have the most unique and weird online culture. Making it very easy and also very difficult for one to constantly maintain an online presence. However, here is a list of some of the top Kenyans that seem to have netizens on chokehold.


Ruto and Rigathi

Ever since their debut as a political couple, these two have been hitting memes and headlines daily. It may seem customary because they are the President and Deputy President respectively. Although, as days go by matters seem to intensify.

President William Ruto and his deputy Rigathi-Gachagua during the inauguration ceremony at Kasarani International Stadium, Nairobi on September 23. Source: Twitter/Rigathi Gachagua.

Kenyans obsession with the Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua began during his campaign period. Questioning his unique fashion sense and manner of speech, a number of Kenyans citizens had worries as to whether he would be fit for office. Consequently, he was dubbed ‘Riggy G’. A name that he also officially took up with time. The number of memes that have been made about Riggy G are countless and hilarious to say the least.

On the other hand, our dearest President has also given a number of netizens sleepless nights. His public appearance has been through numerous transformation. Going from a ‘Mwizi wa shamba’ to a ‘Hustler’ and now ‘Tax collector’, Kenyans don’t seem to run short of nicknames to give to our ‘Mtukufu Lies’. Nonetheless, his consistency seems to keep matters boiling. In his speech on Madaraka day, the President promised to introduce electric motorcycles by September.

Yet, another one of his many unimaginable and unbelievable promises. Kenyans have gone further to create memes about the President promising to deliver everything in its electric form. From knives, to shoes, to teachers and even spouses!

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Azziad Nasenya

The Kenyan TikTok sensation has never seemed to know a day of peace and calm in social media. Quite ironical because she is among the few Kenyan artists and content creators that do not clout chase.

Her craft, talent and beauty have always spoken for themselves. However, Kenyans always want to speak louder than her actions. It does not seem to take much for Azziad to trend on Twitter. Sometimes, all she has to do is unknowingly qualify for a nomination in a special Government Committee. Kenyans seem to like and dislike her in equal measure. This is evident in how netizens are quick to congratulate and criticize her at the same time for every achievement she makes.

 Truly, it is only the tree that bears fruits that has stones cast at it. Azziad’s consistency and prowess in content creation and brand promotion is unmatched. Nonetheless, her love-hate relationship with Kenyans has kept our social media platforms alive and lively. Though, it is safe to say that, she might be the only Kenyan girl with whom Kenyans have issues with, because of her flexible waist and acne problem.

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Eric Omondi

The Lion, the champion, the conqueror! Kenya’s most paid influencer, Eric Omondi, started out as a young comedian close to a decade and a half ago.

Eric Omondi stopped on his way to State House with a cart full of cartons holding the resume of thousands of unemployed Kenyans.

Currently referring to himself as The President of Comedy in Africa, the new dad in town also boasts of being The King of clout. Over the years, Eric has engaged in a series of both annoying and applaud-able actions. It is almost as if his existence depends solely on a never ending online presence.

Moreover, one can never predict what Eric Omondi is up to. He could be a staunch activist against the Kenya Kwanza Government in one instance and swiftly transform to Ericka Omondi in the next. This, doubled up with his clout chasing abilities have made Eric a household name.

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Andrew Kibe

“Do you listen to Andrew Kibe?” is a question that begs one to think twice before answering to it. Undoubtedly because, a “Yes” automatically makes one a supporter while a “No” makes one a hater.

The truth of the matter however is, the answer does not really matter. Whether one likes him or not, one is guaranteed to come across an Andrew Kibe clip. Kenyans have come to consider Kifee an opinion shaper. Which is why, whenever there is any breaking news or leaked information on celebrities, Andrew Kibe will be called upon.

Andrew Kibe has slammed the 2023 Men’s Conference, which was held on Tuesday in Nairobi, urging the speakers to start mentoring men while they are still young.

Kenyans have grown accustomed to tagging the controversial content creator in posts and comments all over social media. All this is done in an attempt to add gasoline to fire. One thing is for sure, Andrew Kibe is uncensored, unfiltered and unmoved. His point of view and judgement always seem to give Kenyans something fresh to talk about. Oh my! Don’t Kenyans love verbal violence? Especially Kenyans on Twitter (KOT)

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Samwel Muchoki

Kenyans love Samidoh without a doubt. The Mugithi singer who is also a husband, father and a police officer is one of Kenya’s sweethearts.

Memes have been made about Samidoh, asking how he is able to maintain law and order in society, be a father, a husband, a performing artist and manage a dramatic baby mama, in 24 hours. Samidoh came in the limelight as a Mugihti artist in 2019.

Interestingly, his love triangle, which includes his wife Edday Muchoki and baby mama, Nominated Senator Karen Nyamu, is what Kenyans seem to love more about him. Samidoh’s love life has been nothing short of drama and public scrutiny.

However, the police officer tries his best to keep his love life under control and out of the public eye. Performing yesterday at an event that was packed with more women than men, the singer entertained his revelers barefoot. Turning his mugithi session into a kigosho session. Truly, it is going to take Kenyans a while to get over Samidoh, especially now, with rumors about his wife leaving him.  

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