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Eric Omondi Addresses The New Tax Narrative On Content Creators

Eric Omondi who has been at the forefront of fighting for content creators, has asked the government not to change the narrative to celebrities, musicians, and comedians. He also clarified that he has been fighting for the young generation of Kenyan online media and content creators who are barely one year in the country.

Eric also requested that the government should not tax young content creators,’ the majority being between the ages of 19-23 since most of them are barely trying to employ themselves.


“Don’t change the Narrative. I have never said Comedians, Musicians, and Celebrities should not pay Taxes. We have been and will continue to pay Taxes. We are talking about this new generation of Tik Tokers and Youtubers hao ndio Content Creators!!! Support them and allow them to grow for at least one year!!! DON’T KILL THEM!!!” Eric captioned his post on Instagram.

Eric in his statement also noted that the government has a way of changing serious conversations, serious agenda, and narratives giving examples of how the price of ‘Unga’ was changed into a topic of housing levy.

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The post is already trending with the majority of Kenyans rallying behind Eric Omondi to keep the conversation going, not leaving out celebrities who have agreed with him in the comment section like Njugush and Khalighaph Jones.

“Support before tax. Our brothers and sisters trying to grow, find space in the industry.” Maureen commented.

“One man voice is enough..@ericomondi . You’re a blessing to most of us, look at me, just getting started not even receiving my first pay cheque then this. Thank you for fighting for Kenyans and mostly youths, Blessings all the way bruv…May you not get tired.” Jerry commented.

What are your thoughts on Eric Omondi’s plea?


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