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Kenyan Celebrities That Used To Trend

Trending in Kenya is as easy as ABCD. Numerous Kenyan celebrities and even non celebrities have managed to hit headlines, memes and tabloids over the years. However, remaining in the spotlight for very long time is a task that only few have managed. Below is a list of Kenyan celebrities that managed to trend for a long time in their days.

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Betty Kyallo

This media personality and reality TV star has seen and heard it all. Every little thing she did back then was news. From her smile to her career. Betty has been through both the beautiful and ugly sides of trending. Netizens even went as far as scrutinizing her child’s body size. Moreover, her relationship with her sisters, her baby daddy and every other man she has bedded have been widely exposed and made to trend in the past.

Photo: COUTRESY/ Betty Kyallo

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Babu Owino

We shall never forget this good-looking student leader from The University of Nairobi. Babu Owino used to be Baba 2.0 of our time. A comrade that used to manage to bring the nation’s capital city to a standstill had to trend. Nonetheless, his debut into politics catapulted his name, brand and image. Babu has hit headlines close to a hundred times. Which was well deserved, for someone who dared insult The Head of State on national television. In addition, he was also alleged to be in a shooting scene, involving one Dj Evolve.

The Bahatis

Bado hawajaachana. Female rapper Diana B once told us that the love between her and her husband is tighter than a gas cylinder’s cork. A statement that Kenyans made trend for as long as possible.

Photo: COURTESY/ Diana Marua

Officially known as Kevin Kioko and Diana Marua, the Bahatis are a couple that seemed to thrive on clout and drama back in the day. Kevin Kioko aka Bahati began trending after his entanglement with older Diana Marua. The gospel artist, turned secular artist and now politician hit headlines daily. Not only because of his hit song Wa Nani, but also because of his wife Diana Marua Bahati.

Despite Diana being older than Bahati Mtoto wa Mama, she was also very controversial. Stories of her past with other numerous men, including Bwana Mkunaji, left netizens with no other choice than to dash her the bombastic side eye.

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Willy Paul

So it was made that, the story of The Bahatis could never be told to entirety without involving Bwana Mkunaji. Willy Paul started out as a young, innocent-looking, teenage gospel artist, who later evolved into a grand secular artist and alleged womanizer. Hence the name, Bwana Mkunaji. The Sitolia hit maker came to tears after Diana B, confessed live on camera, that she was raped by him. A video that caused a domino effect, as netizens witnessed several other ladies coming out with similar allegations.

It was during that era that Willy Paul became a household name, a clout chaser and an easy target for other clout chasers as well.

Ringtone Apoko

Photo: COURTESY/ Ringtone Apoko

In as much as how he used to force issues, we will still give it to him. Apoko used to trend. Whether it was out of fear of being seen as a one-hit-wander, the issue of remaining relevant or being outspoken. Ringtone was loud! He was never one to lose in an online battle, especially, where wealth matters were being contested. However, sooner rather than later, he got whatever it is that was coming his way. Kenyans will never forget what Alai did to Apoko and they sure did make it trend for days.

Otile Brown

The most followed Kenyan artist has also been through it. It is fitting to say that Mahaba by Ali Kiba best defines his stance on love and relationships. His relationship with Kenyan socialite Vera Sidika was one that was hyped to the ends of the earth. Alexa, please play Baby Love. Without a doubt, Otile Brown had to trend, because trending is what Vera Sidika does best. Regardless, many are still convinced that the entire relationship was purely show biz. Showbiz or not, a win is a win. After all, Vera Sidika is now also Mrs. Brown. Happily married to Brown Mauzo, while Otile Brown still boasts of the Kenyan with the highest number of YouTube subscribers.


However, he might be back in the trending list. A few days ago, his ex-girlfriend, Vera Sidika, took to her IG stories claiming that she was bored. The mother of two said that she needed new haters to spice up her life. As a result, she stated that she would be unblocking everyone she blocked including her exes. To add on that, she also revealed that one of her exes would soon become her neighbor. This came in shortly after Otile Brown had revealed that he had acquired a new property in Nairobi.

In all honesty, when it comes to Vera Sidika, we are only familiar with Otile Brown as the ex. The timing in their posts might have been coincidental but netizens cannot wait to see who this ex is.  

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Miguna Miguna

Photo: The Standard

He might be the first Kenyan to have been deported out of his own mother land. He had to trend. As if that was not enough, the audacious politician made it his life mission to continue giving his oppressors a hard time, from Canada.

Miguna Miguna might also be among the KOTs that bullied our former President out of Twitter. Kenyans loved Twitter because of him. The lawyer was forcibly exiled out of the country in 2018 after being charged with treason. This came after his role in swearing in Raila Amollo Odinga as ‘The People’s President’ in January 2018.

What ensued was a battle of name-calling, insults and revelation of secrets. Such a betrayal had to render the man bitter, especially after he revealed that he was beaten, tortured and drugged before being unceremoniously flown out of the country. With his comeback however, Kenyans are anticipating more.

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Miguna Miguna flew back into the country on October 20, 2022. He not only promised to bring his oppressors to justice, but also thanked all those that voted for President William Ruto. Let us see what he has to say about the works of the man he gladly and publicly endorsed as ‘The Fifth’.


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