Ariana Grande Surprises Fans as She Clears Over 4000 Posts on Instagram

International pop sensation Ariana Grande has left her fans in a state of shock after clearing a significant portion of her Instagram page. Ariana Grande’s Instagram page, which had more than 4000 posts, now has less than 200 posts.


With a massive following of over 250 million followers on Instagram, the sudden disappearance of all her previous posts has triggered a wave of speculation, as fans attempt to decipher the hidden message behind this act.

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While others have called out the singer for seeking attention, claiming that she wants a ‘reputation moment’ so bad, there are fans who are hopeful that the singer is preparing an album and the move is just a sign that they should prepare for some new hits. The singer has not released an album since 2020 when she released ‘Positions’.

She’s in her mysterious era

A fan tweeted

There has also been speculation that Ariana Grande might be depressed and the move is just an outward sign of the things she may be going through internally. While other fans show concern for Ariana’s well-being, others have shown concern as to the time it took to clear 4000 posts on her Instagram page. One Twitter user wrote;

I hope the intern who spent 3 days archiving them got paid well

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The pop singer, however, has not come out to address any of the claims.

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