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The best foods to eat while on your periods


Periods have a way of making a woman easily irritable. Not to mention, the intense cramping. With the right foods, you can have a tolerable period week.


When it is that time of the week, you will know for sure. Every part of the body aches, your mood shifts from happy to sour in a blink of an eye, and cravings intensify, you’d think you are pregnant. Ironic, right? Not to worry though. Some foods are recommended when you are on your periods; they increase blood in the body, all the while elevating your mood.

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  • Green vegetables

Eating a lot of vegetables such as kale (Sukuma wiki), and spinach during your periods is highly recommended. This is because they increase the iron rates in your body. Veggies come in handy, especially for those with heavy menstrual flow. Spinach is a plus since it is also rich in magnesium.

Spinach is rich in iron and magnesium, good for your body while on your period
  • Chicken

You can never go wrong with chicken, even on a bad day of cramping. The protein-rich food also contains iron that is good for your body while on periods. Chicken is a good way to satisfy cravings, so get your girlfriend this and watch her shower you with love fit for a king.

  • Ginger

Do you know what will soothe those ached muscles while you are on your period? A warm cup of ginger tea. Ginger has anti-inflammatory effects and is good for reducing nausea. However, keep the ginger to a minimum to avoid cases of heartburn.

Ginger tea is good for soothing aching muscles

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  • Yoghurt

Yogurt contains magnesium and calcium that help nourish the vagina during and after periods. This is good for preventing any yeast infections down there.

  • Dark chocolate

Fun fact! Chocolate is known to elevate mood. Therefore, it is perfect for you when you are on your period. Chocolate helps to keep your PMS in check. So, when you feel a little weary and sad, wash away the somber mood with good old chocolate.

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  • Water

Hydration on your period should be top on the charts for maintaining a good healthy cycle. Drinking a lot of water is good for reducing menstrual headaches too.

Hydration is key to ensuring a healthy menstrual cycle

Be sure to avoid taking a lot of caffeine and sugar since they may increase your mood swings, period acne, and energy levels. Take lots of rest while at it. Periods do not have to be every month’s death sentence.


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