We Need to Normalize Period Conversations among Men


Menstrual period is just like any other biological occurrence and men too need to be educated on how to handle such scenarios.

If there is one thing that unifies women and girls globally, it is the fact that they go through menstrual cycles every month of the year. It is a normal process of the body, yet, we are still in the era where period shaming is at its peak.

A lot of men have no idea how to handle themselves when they get caught up in the situation. You should hear the period jokes that come with the experience or teasing in mixed schools because a girl happened to soil her clothes.

Let us not even get started with the shaming and display of unconcern.

There is no shame in men knowing about menstrual period

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Somehow, these responses by men towards periods date back to the old days. Men were prohibited from involving themselves in such conversations particularly because, ‘not their monkey, not their business.

Society shaped how a man should look and behave to be the perfect alpha male and this included not discussing menstrual affairs anywhere; in public, or behind closed doors.

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However, it is very important to have men in such discussions. It will help them understand that periods come with PMS, which causes mood shifts.

They will know how to nurse their daughters and wives in such a situation without feeling emasculated.

Besides, imagine single fathers to daughters. Who else is he supposed to turn to for such advice when his lovely girl has gotten to that time of the month?

Conversations about menstruation should start in our homes

Normalizing these conversations should start from our homes. Talk to your sons about it and explain to them how they should handle it if they are on their own with a sister, female cousin, or even friend.

This involves being made aware of the products that ease the process; from sanitary towels, pain killers, herbal teas, massages, and the works and how to use them.

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There is no shame in knowing all these as a man. If anything, it will prepare you for the world. Ignorance has no defense. We should not make it a habit to be ignorant, especially about such important things.

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