President Ruto Boots Azimio Plans to Hold a Public Meeting


President William Ruto has criticized the Azimio la Umoja coalition for their plans to hold a public meeting at the Kamukunji grounds in Nairobi.

While speaking at a church service in Kerugoya, Kirinyaga county, the head of state said that the leaders of the opposition were looking to use what he referred to as ‘blackmail and threats’ to safeguard their personal and selfish interests.

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“Go ahead and plan the demonstrations as much as you want but Kenya will move forward. We will put to shame those who are used to using threats for personal and selfish family interests at the expense of millions of Kenyans. That is why we [Kenya Kwanza] will unite all the citizens irrespective of the voting pattern,” President Ruto said.

According to the president, the opposition has been using the same underhanded tactics for years, and their empty threats are what have intensified underdevelopment in some parts of the country.

President Ruto at a church service in Kerugoya, Kirinyaga county

“I want to promise Kenyans that we will not allow our country to be a hostage of threats and blackmail by a few people. We are going to serve all Kenyans equally. So do not worry, we will unite the country and make it one as we revive the economy. I will not allow a few people to sit at a corner and plan how to threaten us with demonstrations,” the president added.

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The opposition leader Raila Odinga has been in South Africa, attending meetings as the AU High Representative for Infrastructure Development in Africa.

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According to his spokesperson Dennis Onyango, Raila is expected back in the country on Monday morning after which he will proceed to the meeting in Kamukunji, Nairobi.

“Upon arrival, Mr. Odinga will proceed to the Kamukunji grounds in Kamukunji Constituency for a People’s Baraza consultations with the public where they will discuss recent disclosures by a whistle-blower on the conduct of the 2022 general election,” stated Mr. Onyango.

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