It’s No Big Deal to Have Preferences in your Partner


Men speaking out on their preference when it comes to women’s body shape and mentioning them as either ‘Thick, flat tummy or plus size’ would get bashed for body shaming, but the case is different when a lady talks of their ideal man.

A lady had a guy hitting on her because her body shape was perfect, her life-saving thick thighs, and beautiful brown skin was his boyfriend’s preference, however, their relationship staggered to the floor and the next girl the guy got attracted to, had the opposite body shape to the first lady.

Body Shape and Size preferences

Dark skin shade and petite lady was the next prefered body type for the week they dated before the guy moved on to explore a curvy lady’s body.

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Often, preferences and choices based on body shape and size unveil themselves sooner or later, especially on the first meeting between strangers — the first impression possesses the psychic connection, as the brain judges information sequentially, so the parties get to notice what is attractive from each other.

Obviously, everyone has a preference for what they desire both on the physical and psychological end, as beauty surfaces and can easily be noticed character can stay underneath and is easily manipulated.

when choosing a prefered person, some people expect to get an instant feel of the conceptual values like kindness, loving, and God-fearing among other features in their prefered partners.

Society expects a man to describe their prefered partners based on their values and qualities but not superficially, this initiates a toxic feminist aura by chastising men around body shaming as it ties to body shapes and size

Men are expected to get attracted to a woman and pronounce her Kind other than describing her with their curves and beauty attributes.

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Every individual, Man and woman, has the right and freedom of choosing who they are to be with based on values, character and physique.

Nothing is wrong with wanting a figure 8 the one Sauti Sol describes as having a figure ya chupa. Anyone is literally allowed to like whatever physical aspects they find attractive.

Most women like Tall, Dark and Handsome men and nobody is criticizing them for it. Some women like their men light-skinned, others prefer bald men they say it’s ‘perfect for forehead rubs’.

For guys, some go for shorter ladies, as others prefer to date tall ladies, while some men prefer light-skinned ladies over melanin chics

As the rest don’t mind a face full of makeup while some go for natural skin.

Women’s body shapes and size

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The judgmental approach tied to stereotypic standards and expectations of society cost us beauty within the beholder, and we lose the sense of everything.

Men and Women get scared of dating people who meet their preferences and in turn end up hurting from disappointments, it is perfectly okay to like a certain thing about someone, more so in the physical aspect.

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We like what we like and we should not be punished for it. So go out there and pick the man of your dreams Jennifer! And James, do not be ashamed to own your flag-post-looking, girlfriend.

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