Choose the Energy You Want to Absorb


The notion that people inflict their energy on you isn’t entirely true. Sometimes people choose their path, different from that of their mates.

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The saying that birds of a feather flock together has been a common narrative from time immemorial. It is also validated since most of the time, a lot of people who have similar qualities tend to stick together. If you are into books, you will most likely attract your fellow nerds, gamers attract gamers, cheaters attract cheaters, and that becomes the circle of life.

That means that even criminals attract their own. However, it is not always the case. Sometimes, you can be around people of certain qualities but still not adapt to them. It is easier said than done but it doesn’t mean that it is impossible.

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One can be in a circle of friends that are drunkards, sailing the liquor boat every day but still be the soberest. In the same way, people tend to think that we inherit the qualities of our parents. Sure, the physical attributes are a given but as per the personality or character, sometimes it is not guaranteed that you will take up their habits. You do not have to be a liar because your mother is the queen in that department, lying through her teeth all day every day. Neither do you have to justify your alcoholic traits to the fact that your father was a party freak back in his glory days and hence, it is a family thing. People choose what to take and what not to take.

Just because you come from a family of alcoholics doesn’t make you one by default

They choose what energy to absorb and what not to absorb. There is a choice to pick all the good qualities and rid yourself of the dirty linen. Being a good or bad person does not trickle down to whom you associate with, rather it is centred on what you believe in as a person. Therefore, let us not be a crowd that justifies wickedness due to lineage or friendship circles. It looks rather basic and makes you look ignorant and really, ignorance has such an ugly face.

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