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Farmers in Tanzania Are Venturing into Greenhouses


For the last 7 years, George Sanger has been advocating for the increased use of Greenhouses in Tanzania.


The 35-year-old says in that time period, 6,000 people have visited his 120 square meter farm in Darla, and many have gone on to set up their own apart from reduced water consumption and increased.

FOOTAGE:Tanzanian Farmers Are Venturing into Greenhouses .


Sanger says that Greenhouse Technologies enable farmers to wield greater control over crops.

There are times you see that Tomatoes are in short supply in that it’s raining a lot or the Tomatoes are having crop diseases, they get scorched, shrivel up, and get fungus. But here we don’t depend on the rain. We irrigate. We have control come rain or sunshine.

PHOTO/COURTESY: Farming in Tanzania takes a new shape as Farmers venturing into Greenhouse for more yields.

You can plant things with drought raging on in some parts of Tanzania Smart agricultural initiatives like green, appear to be getting increased government support.

The government is advising all players in the agricultural sector as a means of dealing with the drought and delayed brains for 2022, and 2023 seasons to do the following, to fast use, improved climate, and resilient unsustainable farming methods.

PHOTO/COURTESY:Red ripe tomatoes growing in a greenhouse. Ripe and unripe tomatoes in the background.

Which are efficient, Tanzania’s agricultural sector, like many others in Africa, is largely dependent on rainfall and thus susceptible to the effects of climate change.

The African Development Bank estimates that the continent loses five to 15 percent of its annual economic growth due to the effects of Climate change.

The Tanzania government says it aims to see its Agricultural sector contribute 10 percent to the country’s GDP by the year 2030. Up from the current 6 percent. It believes farmers like George can help their team to that goal.

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