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Why the Kenya Kwanza Government is Being Branded Kenya Kwisha

Is this Kenya Kwanza or Kenya Kwisha?” Kenyans on X woke up on the wrong sides of their beds again and chose violence. From impeaching Governor Kawira, sending CS Moses Kuria and his associates home, to complaining about fuel prices, there is never a dull moment. Currently, Kenyan netizens are concerned about whether the reigning regime is living up to its name or doing the contrary.


President William Ruto held a State of the Nation Address on Thursday, November 9, and Kenyans were eager to hear what he had to say. However, trust President Ruto to convince the world that the state of this nation is spectacular and promising. Although Kenyans knew what to expect, they began addressing the state of this nation ahead of Thursday.

President William Ruto, Leader of the Kenya Kwanza Coalition.
President William Ruto, Leader of the Kenya Kwanza Coalition. Photo| Switch Media

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Kenya Kwisha is a phrase that has been coined by Kenyans on X to reflect on the state of the nation. During his campaign for Presidency, Ruto assured Kenyans that his government would put the needs of the common Kenyan first. The name Kenya Kwanza loosely means “Kenya First.” However, it is dawning on Kenyans that it is the nation that is being put first and not its people.

Thanks to William Ruto and his government, Nairobi has been ranked as the best city to visit in 2024. However, the irony in this is hilarious given KRA’s recent harassment of travelers at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport. Although the government reported confiscation of a bounty of sex toys, the drama caused too much damage. Consequently, Kenyans have questioned whether there is some confusion of sorts in the government as KRA has turned JKIA into a market of sorts.

The President has been seriously pushing for implementing free Visas for all African countries to Kenya. However, the taxing of all goods including personal goods at the airport has left Kenyans wondering. Just how much tax does this government aim to collect? And to what extent will this tax-collecting craze go? At this point, Kenyans have advised the Kenya Kwisha regime to take their salaries and leave them with taxes.

William Ruto lured millions of Kenyans to the ballot box a year ago with promises the Kenyan political scene has never heard. A few months down the line, everything the promising William Ruto vowed to change indeed changed but for the worse. Moreover, the Kenya Kwanza government has by far put Kenya in a worse financial situation than it was before. Yet, the amount of time and effort the government spends on “nonissues” angers Kenyans.

As the country’s debt continues to soar higher, much emphasis has been placed on heavily taxing Kenyans and heavily spending taxpayer money on diplomatic travels. As a result, KRA is set to miss their target of Ksh 12.9 billion fuel tax as motorists opt to leave their cars at home. The high cost of fuel prices in Kenya still remains inexplicable but the Kenya Kwanza government tried to put the blame on Israel.

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Kenyans have a genuine concern as to why the Israel-Gaza conflict is affecting fuel prices in Kenya only. In countries like Tanzania, fuel prices have been reported to be reduced. But, there is a likelihood that by the time Israel stops bombing Gaza, Kenyans will be purchasing fuel at Ksh 300 per liter. Everything in this country is costly and the purchasing power of a Ksh 1000 note is down by half.

Nonetheless, by all means, let the IMF continue “strengthening” Kenya’s economy with a loan increase of Ksh 98 billion. The fact that Kenya is still looking for ways to increase its loan limits instead of reducing its debt is sickening. There is very much going on in this country yet little of it holds significance. For instance, is a tree planting holiday necessary? Especially when Kenyans know that the climate change issue can be tackled differently.

The Kenya Kwisha government is a busybody! Senators have decided to wage war on Cabinet secretaries and when they are not, they are trying to impeach Governors. Hearings from these impeachment sessions prove that most Kenyan senators are after their own interests and not their county’s. The Worldcoin saga received much more attention from the government than the ongoing calamity in Mandera. Two cabinet secretaries held separate briefings at JKIA to address passenger harassment.

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Kenya Kwisha! Four more years of rolling like this as a country will either have its citizens vacate or revolt. The situation on the ground is worse but the government cannot relate because it is always on air. Surely, if the government cannot control something as controllable as the economy, how do we expect it to tackle climate change?

The Kenya Kwanza regime is Kenya’s main source of mental stress and strain. William Ruto is adding more salt to injury through his lies and fake agendas. Kenya is under a government that is highly undemocratic and chaotic to some extent. The pandemic aside, Kenyans will be lucky to walk out of this regime with their mental health intact.


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