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Malema Vows to Undo what King Charles did During His Visit to Kenya

South Africa’s Economic Freedom Fighter (EFF) party leader, Julius Malema, arrived in Kenya with a mission—to undo the perceived inadequacies of King Charles III’s recent visit.


Malema, a firebrand politician, expressed his concerns at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport, where he landed on November 8, 2023.

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In an interview with the media, Malema criticized the British monarchy’s historical role in Kenya, saying, “The British know what they did to the Kenyan people, and they have no business putting their foot here except that they should pay reparations to Kenyans because that is the only genuine apology we will accept from the British.”

Malema continued, emphasizing the need for the British to acknowledge the atrocities of the colonial era, saying, “Unless they are able to commit trillions of pounds to try and heal the deep wound they have left in Kenya, we are here to correct that mess. If [King Charles] left a message of colonialism and imperialism, we are here to undo the work that he did during his visit.”

The EFF leader, set to be the chief guest at the launch of the Pan African Institute (PAI) at Lukenya University in Makueni County on Thursday, November 9, is determined to address historical grievances. The event will be hosted by PAI Chairman Professor PLO Lumumba.

During King Charles III’s recent visit, a banquet held in his honor at State House Nairobi sparked controversy as he stopped short of issuing a formal apology for colonial atrocities.

Malema condemned the British commentator’s stance defending the king’s actions, stating, “The British law – what they did to the Kenyan people – they’ve got no business putting their feet here, except that they should pay reparations to the Kenyans. That’s the only way and only genuine apology they will accept from the British.”

President William Ruto, in response to King Charles’s address, praised him for acknowledging the wrongdoings but stressed that more needed to be done for full reparations to Kenya.

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The controversial commentator’s assertion that Kenya owed no apology due to the introduction of English and democracy did not sit well with Kenyans.

As Malema gears up for the PAI launch, Kenyans are eager to see how his visit will impact the ongoing conversation about reparations and acknowledgment of historical injustices.

The EFF leader’s strong stance on rectifying the colonial legacy has sparked debates across the nation, with many hoping for a meaningful resolution to the longstanding issues brought to the forefront by King Charles III’s visit.


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