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Senator Expects an Apology from Ruto


Eddy Oketch, Migori Senator, has urged President William Ruto to issue an apology to Kenyans during the Nation State Address. The apology according to him, ought to be for the high cost of living.

Senator Eddy Oketch. Photo/Courtesy

The senator questioned why the fuel prices were rising inn the country consistently despite the international reductions. He has asked that the government ought to address the issue immediately. He also mentioned that he was troubled by the devaluation of the Kenyan Shilling against the US dollar.

According to the senator, Kenyans are in dire need of an apology, more than they are an address. He instructed the President to instead, offer a national apology due to the high cost of living.

Part of the concerns raised included the increased fees by the State Department of Immigration and Citizen Services on Wednesday. It is now more costly to process Permanent Residences for children of Kenyan citizens born abroad. According to him, it was unfair to charge these children for being born outside Kenya.

“How do you tax Kenyans and then form an enterprise to start charging them for being born abroad,” he added on the new charges that have since been described as an ‘error’ by Diaspora Affairs Principal Secretary Roseline Njogu. 

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Defense for the President

Mukurwe-ini MP John Kaguchia tried to defend President Ruto, stating that he (Ruto) inherited a challenging situation from the previous Government and the debt accumulated during that time. 

Onyonka countered this by stating that the debt was accured during Ruto’s tenure. He highlighted that when borrowing was happening, Ruto was the Deputy President. His statement was that the borrowing plan was in no way associated to the ‘handshake Government’, as Kaguchia also mentioned.

Ruto is expected to deliver the State of the Nation address on November 9th. He is expected to address the country’s issues and outline the steps taken to build the nation as required Article 132 of the Constitution.

Nairobi Senator Edwin Sifuna in a post on X said that he will not attend the State of the Nation Address. He outlined his reservations about the President’s ability to present an accurate representation of the nation’s current situation.

“Ruto cannot be trusted to paint the true picture of the State of the Nation which as you know is dire. I cannot sit quietly listening to lies.” the post in part read.

This will be Ruto’s first ever State address since taking power in September last year. He will address a joint Parliamentary sitting of both the National Assembly and the Senate.

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