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 How to get Your Tree Seedling for Planting on Monday

Interior Principal Secretary Raymond Omollo.

The Kenyan government has mobilized citizens for an ambitious tree-planting venture set to take place on Monday, November 13, 2023.


This initiative, endorsed by Interior Principal Secretary Raymond Omollo and championed by President William Ruto, aims to foster a greener future for Kenya.

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“Join us in this pivotal effort to rejuvenate our environment,” urged Omollo in a statement released on Friday. “We encourage all Kenyans to partake in the tree-growing exercise, led by His Excellency President William Ruto.”

Equity Foundation Director Eric Naivasha, tree planting program on October, 4th, 2022 [Photo/File]
Equity Foundation Director Eric Naivasha, tree planting program on October 4, 2022 [Photo/File]

Emphasizing the accessibility of seedlings, Omollo advised the public to procure tree saplings from their nearest Chief’s office. “Collaborate with the area Assistant County Commissioner and Deputy County Commissioner in respective Counties to obtain the seedlings,” he directed.

The launch of this impactful environmental campaign will be spearheaded by President Ruto at Kiu Wetland in Makindu, Makueni County, signifying the significance of this nationwide effort.

At the county level, Cabinet Secretaries have taken up the mantle, each overseeing tree-growing activities in at least two counties.

Environment Cabinet Secretary Soipan Tuya highlighted the abundance of plantable seedlings available for the event, noting, “Kenya Forestry Research Institute (KEFRI) and Kenya Forest Services (KFS) nurseries across the country, along with other government ministries, departments, and agencies, collectively offer 150 million plantable seedlings.”

Tuya also highlighted the vital contribution of private nurseries run by women and youth groups in various community associations, emphasizing their participation in providing millions of seedlings for a small fee.

“Let us support these community-run nurseries,” she urged. “Purchase a seedling or two and plant them in our shambas.”

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The government’s target for National Tree Growing Day is to plant a minimum of 100 million seedlings nationwide, with an overarching goal of 500 million seedlings for the short rains season.


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