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Guns N’ Roses Frontman Accused of Sexual Assault

Axl Rose, a member of Guns N’ Roses, is alleged to have sexually assaulted a woman in 1989, per a court document obtained by US media.


Axl Rose has refuted allegations of abuse and battery made by an actress and model. Sheila Kennedy, the plaintiff, sued the 61-year-old, claiming he “targeted” her, following an encounter in a 1989 hotel in New York City. The 61-year-old model was allegedly subjected to “manipulation, control, and violent sexual assault” by Axl Rose, who took advantage of his star status. Kennedy said in the court filing that she was asked out by her friend and had no idea who Rose was when they first met at a nightclub.

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He is reported to have “pushed Kennedy against the wall and kissed her” in his hotel suite after he and the Guns N’ Roses frontman left the club with his entourage. The plaintiff continues, saying that although she was willing to sleep with him, she did not mind this at first. However, she grew “uncomfortable” when he started advocating for group sex.

Guns N' Roses
Singer Axl Rose tours the grid before the start of the Las Vegas Formula One Grand Prix in Las Vegas on Saturday. Photo: AFP

According to the lawsuit, Ms Kennedy was diagnosed with anxiety and depression as a result of the claimed attack. Kennedy is suing Rose for deliberate mental distress infliction and gender-motivated assault, according to her statement. Her attorneys have demanded a jury trial.

The case was filed in the New York Supreme Court just days before a statute of limitations that permits victims of sexual assault to sue their alleged perpetrators regardless of when the first statute of limitations ran out.

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In a statement, Rose’s attorney Alan S. Gutman stated, “To put it simply, this incident never happened.” Interestingly, the day before the New York State reporting deadline expires, these fictitious claims were submitted.


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