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Russell Brand: Actor Accused of Sexual Assault in New Lawsuit

Russel Brand

A fresh lawsuit has been filed against Russell Brand, claiming that in 2010 as an extra “guarded the door from outside,” he abused her.


The assault is said to have taken place just a few days before the actor married Katy Perry. A woman identified only as Jane Doe alleges in New York State Supreme Court records that Brand, 48, assaulted her when she was an extra on the set of the movie Arthur in July 2010. The unnamed lady states in an affidavit that prior to the alleged assault on July 7, 2010, Brand “looked intoxicated, smelled of alcohol, and was carrying a bottle of vodka on set.”

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The woman then claims that later on in the day, Brand—who has not yet responded to the lawsuit—followed her into a bathroom and attacked her while “a member of production crew guarded the door from outside.” The unnamed woman “continues to struggle with the resultant trauma,” according to court filings, and her attorneys have requested to have her identity concealed in order to lessen the suffering she has already endured. 

Russell Brand
Actor Russell Brand Accused of Sexual Assault. Photo: NEW YORK POST

She continues to perform as an actor, according to her attorneys, and she “fears retaliation from current and future employers.” Jordan K. Merson, an attorney from New York, also stated in the filing that his client had “already appeared to be retaliated against for trying to reject Brand’s advances when she was not allowed back on the second and third day of her work assignment” in an attempt to obtain a restraining order against Brand. 

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The complaint names Warner Bros Pictures, a Hollywood film studio, and other production entities engaged in the picture as defendants. In response to media stories regarding Brand, an investigation has been launched into the sex offence charges. The Metropolitan Police reported in September that it had been contacted about “many allegations of sexual offences in London” and other parts of the country.


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