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Pastor Ezekiel Still Under Investigation Following the Shakahola Massacre

A Senate Committee is currently investigating the circumstances that led to the deaths of followers associated with Good News International Church. In today’s public hearing, Pastor Ezekiel Odero of The New Life Prayer Centre and Pius Muiru appeared before the Senate Committee.


Good News International Church preacher, Paul Mackenzie, is still in police custody. The committee is set to release its investigation report by the upcoming Thursday.

Pastor Ezekiel Still Under Investigation Following the Shakahola Massacre.
Pastor Ezekiel Still Under Investigation Following the Shakahola Massacre. Photo| Courtesy

The two men of God were accompanied by their legal representatives. These included prominent lawyers Danstan Omari, Cliff Ombeta, Samson Nyaberi, and Shadrack Wambui.

This probe aims to shed light on the dead bodies found in Shakahola forest and any potential involvement or knowledge of those present during the events.


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Pastor Ezekiel Odero demonstrated his willingness to share his side of the story. He asserted that today’s proceedings were an opportunity for the church to defend its stance. The pastor distanced himself from the allegations against involvement with Pastor Mackenzie.

“What is important is the cross. Such a thing of this magnitude has never happened in our country. Not even to the church. This is the only time the church can defend the cross.”

Pastor Ezekiel Odero

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Lawyer Danstan Omari insisted on Pastor Ezekiel Odero’s innocence and integrity. He said that the pastor is dedicated to clearing the name of the church despite the ongoing circumstances.

Omari affirmed Pastor Odero’s honesty and dedication to his faith. Adding that today’s proceedings were vital in defending the church’s reputation. Not long ago, the government deregistered Pastor Ezekiel’s church alongside four other churches.

Since then, Pastor Ezekiel has been appealing to the government to deregister his church. Additionally, he has also been arrested before for allegedly brainwashing his followers, and his bank accounts were earlier frozen following Pastor Mackenzie’s arrest.


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