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Eddie Butita Declares That He Is Actively Looking For a Wife

Kenyan comedian Eddie Butita is officially searching for a wife. Butita is not one to speak about his romantic relationships with the public far too often. He however has dated other public figures.


Butita was previously in a long-term relationship with fellow comedian Mammito before their sudden breakup. The two met at Churchill Show where they both performed. After the show was closed due to COVID-19, the two would make content together.


During Akothee’s wedding to Dennis also known as Omosh in April, Butitta stepped in with style. He landed at the wedding venue with a chopper with his date who is a Kenyan social media influencer.

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During the Pulse Influencer Awards, Butita was seen alone which prompted questions about why he came alone. he jokingly shared that two women accompanied him but Njugush must have edited the photo.

“Hiyo picha ilikuwa edited natakujua nani aliedit hiyo picha. Nashuku sana Njugush. Juu nilikuwa na dem wawili kwa hiyo picha.”

Butita And Sadia at Akothee’s wedding(PHOTO/COURTESY)

Butita went on to share that before he gets serious with a woman in his life, he shares her information with Judy Nyawera and Cele. The two determine whether or not he should pursue her further and get serious.

The comedian shared the qualities he was looking for in a wife before he settled down. He also added the qualities that he would be able to add to the relationship with his wife. Butita shared that a woman was supposed to support a man’s vision.

“Na learn sana. Support system ya familia. You not only need a wife but you need someone who understands your vision and she doesn’t just need a husband, she needs someone who can support her vision.” Butita said.

Eddie revealed that he has over 713 DM’s from women on his Instagram. He advised the women who would want to hit him up to use different tactics to get his attention and pursue him vigorously.

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