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Arsenal: David Raya Opens Up About his Relationship With Ramsdale

David Raya is eager to make permanent move to Arsenal after insisting his relationship with fellow goalkeeper Aaron Ramsdale is “very healthy”.


This summer, Arsenal brought Raya in on loan from Brentford and they have the option to make the deal permanent next summer.

That is by paying an additional £27 million, having initially paid £3 million for the loan.

When asked by The Athletic if he would seal the deal now if given the chance, Raya said, “Yes, I would have done it yesterday if I could.”

The Spaniard has stepped in as Arsenal’s new primary goalkeeper, while Ramsdale has only made a single appearance in the Carabao Cup in the past month.

Despite that, Raya insists that their relationship is strong, and there is no hostility between them.

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“The relationship? It’s very good,” said Raya. “At the end of the day, we are mates, which is the important thing. We have a very healthy relationship. There are no problems.We push each other every day in training when he’s a little bit down, I push him, and when I’m a little bit down he does the same.”

Arteta has emphasized that he doesn’t have a fixed first-choice goalkeeper as they are to be rotated.

He has even floated the idea of substituting a goalkeeper during a match.

“Arteta gives me the confidence to be there, that he wanted to have two top players in each position, and it was up to me to find the time and fight to get the minutes.

“If there are rotations, as there are in any position, I’m going to help on and off the pitch,” Raya said.

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