Mzungu Mwitu Confirms That He Is an Ordained Reverend Father

Nairobi is full of different nationalities who call Nairobi home. Mzungu Mwitu also known as the Reverend Dad is one of the many foreigners who have made Nairobi their new home. Within the years he has managed to be assimilated to the Kenyan way of living.


Mzungu Mwitu has grown a huge following over the years from Kenyans due to his comical TikTok videos and his fluent Swahili. During an interview, Mzungu Mwitu made shocking revelations confirming that he is an ordained reverend.

“Shida tu I think kwa Christianity culture imeingia. Mtu akifikiria pastor ana image anaform. Mimi nakuja na jeans ni raged, nywele ni refu na tattoo kila mahali. I think haendani na vile watu wana expect.”

Mzungu Mwitu added that Christians should stop being rigid and should be open to the new generation’s way of preaching. He expressed that the gospel is the same but the presentation is what is different and that is what people should expect at the Love Nairobi Festival.

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The content creator also made headlines when there were rumors that he was dating the former Tusker Project Fame winner and now Pastor, Ruth Matete. The pastor lost her Nigerian husband three years ago.

Ruth shared a daughter with her late husband who she is now raising alone. Ruth clarified that her relationship with Mzungu Mwitu was simply platonic, dispelling any romantic rumors. Mzungu Mwitu also clarified their relationship.

During an interview with content creators, Mzungu Mwitu shared that he goes way back with Ruth Matete and her late husband, John Apewajoye. He shared that he knew them individually before they even became a couple.

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“Me and Ruth go way back. I was really friends with her late husband who passed a couple of years ago. So we are really tight, and nimependa kisimama na yeye juu ya mtoi pia.”


Mzungu Mwitu who is known to be a father figure to orphans shared that he felt really guilty seeing Ruth Matete’s daughter grow up without a father. He adds that this is especially so because of the strong connection he has with Ruth’s late husband.

“Saa zingine na feel guilty juu I am seeing the daughter grow, and he is not able to see because ashaenda.”

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