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Kennedy Rapudo Denied Access To His Son

In Africa, a man having children outside of his matrimonial home is no longer a shock. It is a shock however when he wants to take responsibility and he is denied access to his children. That is the case for Kennedy Rapudo and his baby mama.


During an interview, Kennedy shared that he has been having difficulty accessing his son. He shared that his baby mama was making it difficult for him to be with his son even though he was following court orders.

Kennedy Rapudo and Amber Ray
Kennedy Rapudo and Amber Ray(PHOTO/COURTESY)

Kennedy started the interview by stating that he was going to share his side of the story based on the court documents that were leaked online. He then added that the court gave a ruling on 1st September and he had equal custody of the son.

That same month was his son’s birthday so he surprised his son at school and that the coming weekend was his turn with the son and had planned for a birthday party but his baby mama denied him access to the son.

Rapudo then shared he was the one who took the matter to court after his baby mama went to some bloggers and accused him of being a deadbeat dad. The court then ruled that he cater to his son’s school fees and give Ksh 30,000 per month to his baby mama for toiletries and food. He added after the verdict, he complied immediately.

Kennedy Rapudo
Kennedy Rapudo(PHOTO/COURTESY)

“When the judgment came out I did my part. I took her vouchers worth Ksh 30000 and she refused to take them. I gave Askari to take them to her but she sent them back because she said she wanted cash.”

Kennedy went on to explain that after discussing with his lawyer, they came to the conclusion that the Ksh 30000was unnecessary because she (baby mama) was also working and that he cater to all his son’s school expenses including buying a car worth Ksh 830 000and hiring a driver to take him to school.

Kennedy shared that when his baby mama found out that the son came to his home, she started denying him access to her son despite the court orders. He expressed that he had all the evidence needed to prove that he was doing right by his son.

“According to the email that was shared by her lawyer she said that they want my son to come under supervision. That he should come with a house help. Already we have three house helps in this house.”

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Kennedy said that his baby mama shared that he has a delicate stomach and he asked for a list of what should be eaten. He added that a child protection officer was sent to the house and the report said that the house was safe for a child.

The baby mama had shared in court that she was not comfortable with Amber Ray’s behavior and that made her uncomfortable with allowing her to come to his house. Kennedy however shared that the court did not see it as an issue. He then added that the issue was now in court and that they were waiting for a verdict.

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