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Infant Dies From Fentanyl Overdose


After one child died from a fentanyl overdose and three others were taken to the hospital, the owner of a daycare in New York City has been charged with federal drug offenses.


One-year-old Nicholas Dominici, who had just been at the daycare for a week, passed away on Friday from an apparent drug overdose. After being exposed to the potent drug at the Bronx daycare facility, three more kids were hospitalized. Authorities said they found a kilogram of fentanyl on top of playmats where the children were being taken care of in the daycare.

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Grei Mendez, the owner of a daycare center, and Carlisto Acevedo Brito, the man who rented a room from her, were both accused on Tuesday with drug conspiracy crimes. In state court, the two are also accused with killing someone with “depraved indifference.” Authorities claim that a kilogram of the narcotic fentanyl was kept on top of playmats used by kids at the center, which was operated out of a tiny Bronx flat, and that the kids inhaled it.

Fentanyl found at the daycare where the infant died. Photo: United States Attorney’s Office

Additionally, they discovered numerous equipment for combining the powder with different drugs and pressing it into bricks. In connection with the death at Divino Nio nursery, authorities said they are looking for Mendez’s spouse, a third suspect. Mendez, 36, is charged with participating in both her husband’s escape and a narcotics trafficking conspiracy by federal authorities.

Parents entrusted Grei Mendez with the care of their children. Instead of diligently safeguarding the well-being of those children, she and her co-conspirators put them directly in harm’s way, running a narcotics operation and storing deadly fentanyl out of the very space in which the children ate, slept, and played.

Attorney Damian Williams Condemned the Incident.

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Following an inquiry, the New York Police Department (NYPD) discovered three kilogram presses and one kilogram of fentanyl at the daycare.


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