Dr. Ofweneke And Nicah the Queen Battle on Who Dumped the Other

The only two Kenyan comedians with a Nigerian brand finally had a sit-down. Kenyan comedian Dr. Ofweneke is speaking up about his former relationship with his ex-wife, Nicah the Queen. During his interview on the Oga Obina show, he gets candid about why their relationship did not work out.


Dr. Ofweneke had nothing but kind words as he spoke about his ex-wife during his interview with Obina. The peak of the interview however was the revelation of how Dr. Ofweneke and Nicah broke up.

Dr. Ofweneke

For most, Netflix and Chill is a direct ticket to sexual intimacy. The movie picked will have to suggest intimacy at some point like horror where the lady would have to seek refuge in the waiting and scheming hands of the man. Sometimes it will be a rom-com. Whatever the movie, the two will not get to see the ending.

The TV host, Dr. Ofweneke explained that they were holding hands as they watched a movie on Netflix before he turned to Nicah the Queen and called it off. He added that his kids and his brothers and sisters were there.

“I loved Nicah so much I forgot myself. The day I discovered myself, I told her Mama it had been a good stretch. We were actually holding hands watching Netflix.”

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Nicah the Queen
Nicah the Queen PHOTO/COURTESY

Dr. Ofweneke shared that they weren’t good for each other and that they were individually amazing people. He said that the spiritual aspect also mattered, pointing out that their relationship was not God’s idea.

“Nicah was perfect and I was perfect but we were not perfect for each other. We are not on the same path in life. You can be perfect but not perfect for somebody.”

Nicah has however responded to the claim that Dr. Ofweneke dumped her. On her Instagram, she shared that she does not get dumped rather she does the dumping. She alluded to the assumption that Dr. Ofweneke made that up to make himself feel better.

“Oh boy! Don’t get me started! We both know I don’t get dumped. I do the dumping. It is crazy what people convince themselves to feel better.”

Dr. Ofweneke is yet to respond to Nicah’s post.

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