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19yr Old Commits Suicide Due to Frustrations from Mom and Grandma

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A 19-year-old expectant girl, who had recently completed her secondary education, committed suicide, citing frustrations from her mother and grandmother as the reason behind her drastic decision.


The young girl’s body was found hanging from her grandma’s house roof yesterday. Chief Charles Ogolla from Pap Onditi, who is keeping an eye on the situation, shared some information about this very sad event.

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According to Chief Ogolla, the deceased girl, whose identity has not been disclosed, left behind a heart-wrenching Suicide note.

Picture for representation only.[Photo/Courtesy] Suicide
Picture for representation only.[Photo/Courtesy]

In the letter she wrote, she said she was pregnant for two months. She really wanted to go to a university to study more after finishing school, but she felt very sad because her mom and grandma didn’t seem to care about her dreams.

She felt so helpless that she thought ending her own life would make things easier for her family.

The police from Pap Onditi were alerted immediately, and they quickly arrived at the scene. The girl’s lifeless body was taken to the local morgue as investigations into the tragic matter were initiated.

Chief Ogolla, while addressing the community in the wake of this event said, “This is a truly heartbreaking incident that has shaken our community to its core. We must all come together to support one another and seek alternative solutions to the problems we face. It is essential that we reach out to our loved ones, listen to their concerns, and provide the help they need. Let this be a stark reminder that no one should suffer in silence.”

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The tragedy has left the residents of Kabodho Village reflecting on the importance of open communication and support within families.

Local organizations and community leaders are now planning initiatives to raise awareness about mental health issues and to provide resources for those in need of support.


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