What You Need to Apply for Scholarships and Loans

2022 Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) students are encouraged to apply for scholarships and loans from the government and the Higher Education Financing (HEF). This only applies to students who might need help financing their education throughout campus.

HEF portal

The Higher Education Financing portal is now open for scholarships, bursaries, and loan applications for all 2022 candidates.

All applications are free of charge and can be done through the portal,

This model of application only applies to the 2022 KCSE candidates who will be joining Universities and TVETs from September after the release of placements by KUCCPS (Kenya Universities and Colleges Central Placement Service)

Loan and Scholarship Checklist

One needs their KCSE and KCPE index numbers. They will also need their years of examination. It might be harder to recall the primary index numbers but since it is a requirement, one is advised to look through their leaving certificates from primary school.

Another mandatory requirement is a passport-size photo. This is important for the verification of the applicant.

For students seeking a loan from HEF, they will be required to submit a copy of their National Identity card. The loan application is legally binding, therefore, one has to be above the age of 18 for them to sign the document.

For those yet to receive their National IDs, it is highly recommended that they apply for the government scholarship instead.

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A valid phone number registered to your name at the time of the application. This is to signify who the applicant is and also a form of confirmation that they are 18 years and above during the scholarships and loans application process.

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In addition to that, one will need a valid email address. This will be required to create an account with the HEF portal and receive verification emails during application.

The applicant will need their birth certificate and their parents/guardians’ national ID numbers. Inclusive of this, if there is any parent that is deceased, one will need their death certificate.

Furthermore, an applicant needs to have access to their University/College admission letter.

In addition, if one is applying for a loan, they will need the names, national ID numbers and registered telephone numbers of two guarantors. Guarantors are people who act as collateral if you default on payment. They will therefore be deducted money if you fail to pay the loan.

Finally, if one was sponsored in high school, they’ll need to show a sponsorship letter.

Despite students being given access to apply for scholarships and loans, parents are crying over the increased university fees. Since the qualification of a loan or scholarship is minimal, many students are worried they might not pursue their careers.

scholarships and loans

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